Property Tax Exemptions (Obtainment & Maintenance)

Agricultural Usage and Wildlife Management property tax exemption opportunities are available to land owners by the State of Texas. Robinson Ranch Services is well versed in obtaining and maintaining the requirements needed to take advantage of these money saving exemptions along with many other less common exemptions offered by the state and federal governments. We are happy to determine which tax exemptions are right for you during your free consultation

*The Wildlife exemption is an in-depth process that can take many hours of preparation to obtain. We will ensure your property is qualified as 1-d-1 wildlife land. The Texas Department of Wildlife and Parks (TDWLP) is generally stricter in enforcement than the more common agriculture exemption through the tax appraiser. Currently the wildlife exemptions are granted through the TDWLP and each county in Texas has different requirements. Robinson Ranch Services is skilled in the complex procedures required to create a wildlife plan to obtain your exemption and carry out the maintenance to stay in compliance with the regulations of your county.

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