Time for Spring Calves!

Getting ready for spring calving

It’s been a mild winter in our area this year and as the spring approaches one thing is on a lot of our minds. Calves! Mine are due in the next 30-60 days. So, to avoid any undue pressure, let’s get the things we are going to need ready now! We like to work all our cows about 10 days after the last one has had a calf so we can cut(or band) our little bulls and give them all their shots. Here is just a quick reminder about what you may need.

Check list: Bands for the bander, antiseptic, 8 way shots, syringes, wormer-pour on kind, ear tags, tagger in working order, bander in working order, Colostrum just in case the cow won’t take the calf, antibiotic shot for cut bulls, and antibiotic shot for any sick cows. Tetanus shot after banding or cutting calves, chutes in good working order, help available.

I am probably missing some here, but that’s the point. Start thinking about what you need now, so there aren’t surprises when it’s go time.